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Name Name of Practice Practitioner Type
Cathleen M Abbott MD Michigan State University Family Health Center Family Practice Physician
Katherine Bentley Doula
Dianne Birney Next Generation Lactation Service Midwife, Lactation Consultant
Sarah Anne Birney Solace Massage & Yoga Body Work Therapist
Jourdan Blankenship Other
Alexandra Blauwkamp Doula
Cathy Boufford, DC Holt Chiropractic Center Chiropractor
Kristina Boulis Path To Wellness Doula, Homeopathic / Naturopathic / Herbal Care Provider, Body Work Therapist
Cara Bradford Waverly Chiropractic Center Chiropractor
Tiffany M Burns Mason Family Practice Family Practice Physician
Darla Carmoney Darla Carmoney, LLPC/ W.O.W. Counseling Services Counselor/Therapist
Candice Carrasco, LMSW Evolve Behavioral Health Counselor/Therapist
Markie Cochran Doula
Leslie Cornwell Midwifery Matters Midwife
Elizabeth Dyste-Bales, LMSW, LLC Elizabeth Dyste-Bales, LMSW, LLC (at Perspectives Therapy Services) Counselor/Therapist
Sara Fedewa Birthing with Sara Doula
Maryann Lefevre Hancock Revive Holistic Health Doula, Homeopathic / Naturopathic / Herbal Care Provider, Body Work Therapist
Nancy L Herta, MD MMP OB/GYN Obstetric Physician, Well-Women Gynecological Physician
Bilky Joda-Miller All Body Kneads llc Doula, Body Work Therapist, Other
Joel Ketner, LLMFT Joel S. Ketner, LLMFT Counselor/Therapist
Jessica Ketner M.S., LLMFT Perspectives Therapy Services Counselor/Therapist
Kate Kithil Doula
Elizabeth Kozlowski Kozmic Family Practice Well-Women Gynecological Physician, Pediatric Physician, Family Practice Physician, Lactation Consultant
Molly F Kozlowski Molly Massage Body Work Therapist