Raising Children?

Raising a family is hard work and exhausting. What can we do as parents to increase our family's strengths and enhance our child's development?

Think about how you can use the Five Protective Factors to Strengthen your family.

Parental Resilience

Being a parent can be a very rewarding and joyful experience. But being a parent an also have its share of stress.

How parents respond to stressors is much more important than the stressor itself in determining outcomes for themselves and children. Resilience is the process of managing stress and functioning well even when faced with challenges, adversity and trauma.

Think about:

  • Where do you draw your strength?
  • What are your dreams for yourself and your family?
  • What kind of worries and frustrations do you deal with during the day? How do you solve them?
  • What do you do to take care of yourself when you are stressed?