Willow Tree helps ease the stress and fill the gaps in support for new parents who may feel overwhelmed, isolated, or depressed

25 Nov 2015

I have taken care of kids for years, worked at a daycare for seven years, nannies for years... but I wouldn't have made it through becoming a mom without Willow Tree! I have struggled as it is, and I was involuntarily hospitalized for Postpartum Depression in January. If I didn't have Willow Tree, who knows where I would be! 

Willow Tree connects families to resources, community, and each other

25 Nov 2015

I'm French, and all of my family lives outside the U.S. My husband is American, but his family lives out of state. So when I found out I was pregnant, I knew we would have to raise our child without any outside support.

However, I am convinced it takes a village to raise a child, and fortunately, I found one here: Willow Tree Family Center is my village.

Willow Tree Family Center Moves to a Bigger Suite

17 Nov 2015

Willow Tree Family Center is excited to announce our new space, located just across the hall! When we first opened our center, we never dreamed that we would out grow our modest space only two years after becoming a brick and mortor. Our groups have been packed full, which is a testement to the importance of having a community - a village - when you become a parent.