Our Mission & Vision


Our mission at Willow Tree Family Center is to grow strong, empowered families by providing support groups and educational services for pregnancy, birth and beyond. By focusing on the family as a system and providing access to evidence-based resources and holistic care, we will support healthy, informed, confident families. Like a willow tree, our center will provide a calming atmosphere to grow strong, flourishing families that support each other.



We envision a central place where families can gather from the moment they find out they are expecting. These growing families will find every resource available to them about pregnancy, birth, and beyond under one roof. Families from diverse backgrounds will join together to create one support community. Regardless of where they come from, these families will find evidence-based resources and holistic care that will better their quality of life. Just as the tree has roots, trunk, and leaves working together, our center will recognize the intricate interactions within the family system. And just as the tree lives in harmony with birds, grass, and nature, our center will support the interdependence that exist between families and society. Through our work to make evidence-based and holistic resources and care available to ALL families regardless of race, ethnicity, belief system, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status, our center will make the wisdom, strength, and serenity attributed to the willow tree available to the entire community.