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Lansing Doula Network

For Doulas

Doulas in the Lansing area now have the opportunity to take part in Willow Tree Family Center’s new Doula Connection Program. This program will allow potential clients to more easily find their perfect doula. We aim to be THE resource when families are seeking out a doula. Here is a highlighted list of what you, as a doula, can expect to gain from participating in our program.


  • Meet the Doula Night - Regularly scheduled event nights in which potential clients can come to Willow Tree to learn about doulas and meet doulas in our area. Doulas will be able to sign up to be the speaker for the nights
  • Doula/Client Search - We are creating a database that will enable potential clients to connect with doulas in the Lansing area and enable doulas to advertize their services to clients.
  • Building Clientele- In addition to the opportunities above, doulas will be able to be listed on the Provider Directory on our website, which will include your contact information and a link to your own business website.
  • Networking - You will be able to network with other doulas in the area to provide back-up and support for each other.
  • Volunteer Hours & Opportunity - If you are a doula-in-training, signing up for our program will help you obtain volunteer hours
  • A Doula for Every Family- We are currently seeking out grant money to help fund a program to aide low-income families. Any doula can participate, and it would allow the doula to still be paid for her work but make services free or reduced cost to the client.

If you are a doula or doula in training and you would like to participate in the Lansing Doula Network, you can add yourself to our Provider Directory.


For Expecting Families

If you are expecting, and searching for information about doulas, finding a doula, or just have questions, our Doula Connection Program can help.  Here's how:

      Our Meet the Doula Nights will cover-

      The Lansing Doula Network will

  • Help connect your family with doulas in the Lansing area
  • Provide you with tips for interviewing and selecting a doula
  • Provide a neutral location in which to interview your doula