Hand in Hand Doula Program

The Hand in Hand Doula Program offers an opportunity for a free birth & postpartum doula for birthing people with Substance Use Disorder.

Sparrow Hospital is collaborating with Willow Tree Family Center and the Lansing Doula Network to provide a free birth and postpartum doula to bringing people with Substance Use Disorder. Complete the referral form below if you or someone you know might benefit from this program. 

A doula will help advocate for you and your wishes in the hospital and help you make confident choices for your body and your baby. During labor, a doula has techniques to help you be more comfortable, calm, and encouraged while never leaving your side.

Doulas are members of your community trained to show respect and kindness to all clients and practice non-judgement. Doulas are not government or hospital employees. They exists solely to support you and your baby’s wellness and peace of mind.

After the birth, doulas help you care for yourself and your new baby. They may hold the baby while you rest or help you learn skills to enter parenthood with confidence. They will help connect you with the support you need as a parent of a new baby.