A Recipe For A Healthy Pregnancy

Take care of your baby before birth! 


This free workshop will cover:

Healthy, happy pregnancy tools to fight symptoms and cravings

Nutrients needed for baby and mom

Quick, healthy recipes for pregnancy

Meal planning strategies

This workshop is lead by:


Chelsea Thiede is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Food Scientist. She completed a BS in Food Science and MS in Food Safety at Michigan State University and has worked in the food industry for almost 10 years. But, most importantly, she is a mom passionate about real food. Her connection with food started at 5 years old when she watched cooking shows instead of morning cartoons. For her, cooking nutritious, delicious food is a big way that she loves and cares for her family.

When her son, Noah, was born, he struggled to gain weight due to some nursing issues. When he started solid foods, she poured her heart into making nutrient dense food to nourish him, along with helping him gain weight. This led to the start of her baby and toddler food business, Mama Bear Naturals, LLC and her E-book, A Recipe for a Healthy Baby.

She is a wife, mom, and step-mom. She is an avid endurance runner and loves cooking for her family.


Contact her at chelsea@functional-foodie-nutrition.com, or connect with her on her blog, Facebook, and Pinterest!


3333 S. Pennsylvania Ave Ste 101
48910 Lansing , MI