Healthy Pregnancy Class

Know your Body

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Join us for two in-depth classes focused on pregnancy so you can know your body and what you can expect for the next nine months. We offer a small class with group discussion and hands on activities.

Topics include:
• How to choose a healthcare provider that is right for you
• Your body’s anatomy
• Your baby’s growth
• What to eat (and what not to) to keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy
• What to expect in terms of discomforts
• How to battle those discomforts
• And more!

This is a two-part class designed to be taken early in pregnancy, anytime before 20 weeks.

This class is brought to you by Family Centered Birth Services. All classes are taught by certified doulas and follow the ICEA philosophy: 

“Freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives” and focus on providing parents with a variety of resources to help prepare both physically and emotionally so that they can make the choices that are right for them."


Registration Information: 

Fee: $85.00 for mom and 1 support person

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Suggested Audience: 
3333 S. Pennsylvania Ave Ste 101
48910 Lansing , MI