Why Prepared Childbirth?

28 Jan 2019

Why Prepared Natural Childbirth Classes?

With so many different childbirth class options available, why choose the Prepared Natural Childbirth Classes?  There are so many reasons why this series is unique, and you should consider taking this series with your partner.


•    This series is taught by a certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula!

While the other childbirth classes in the area are taught by qualified people, the Prepared Natural Childbirth Classes are taught by Tammy, who is not only a Childbirth Educator but also has worked closely with over 45 couples during their pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  This close contact to the birth process, and ability to know the differences between different birthing locations and having helped support many couples through natural childbirth gives Tammy the ability to share unique tips and tricks with her students.

•    This series allows your partner to learn a Doula’s secrets to supporting a laboring woman!

As a doula, Tammy has so many tips and tricks to help keep a mom calm and comfortable during labor.  This series will teach your partner how they can confidently support you during labor and help make you the most comfortable during your natural birth.

•    This series is an out-of-the-hospital natural childbirth series!

The advantage of attending childbirth classes outside of a hospital setting is that you know you are receiving non-biased information.  Tammy has developed a good relationship with several local hospitals and can provide information regarding what is available at each location.

•    This series is excellent for home birthers!

While Tammy has extensive knowledge regarding the local hospitals, this course is fantastic for home birthers to attend.  Home birthers will learn about what they can do at home during birth that is unique for their situation, and what to expect if a hospital transfer does need to occur.

•    This is the only series in Lansing that includes the Spinning Babies® Parent Class!

The Spinning Babies® method has helped many expecting people have easier pregnancies, faster labors, and overall better birth experiences.  Spinning Babies® focuses on creating space for baby so they can maneuver through the pelvis and into your arms.

Tammy’s goals for her students is for them to be able to walk away not only with knowledge about the birth process, but also the tools to achieve the natural birth they want. And then, even more importantly, the knowledge and confidence needed to confront any possible deviation from their birth plan.  Because of this, students of Tammy walk away from their birth feeling empowered. This is the goal of the Prepared Natural Childbirth Class.


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