Random Acts of Kindness for Families and Children

30 Nov 2015

'Tis the season of giving -- and I am already in the spirit. December is full of thinking about others. What gifts am I going to give friends and family this year? How can I serve at my church or community center? Will I adopt a family? These actions consume my entire busy month.

But for my children, this season is something different entirely. Where ever we go, people ask my children, "What do you want for Christmas?" and this season becomes the season of consumption. What gifts am I going to GET this year? Who is going to serve ME? Will someone fullfill my every desire? 

Like many parents, I often struggle with how I can instill a sense of community giving in my children, especially during the holiday season. This year I have seen many ideas on pinterest about an "advent calendar of giving". I absolutely love this idea. Instead of (or who am I kidding, in addition to) counting down to the holidays with candy or toys or trinkets or an elf on the shelf, I am going to count down to the holidays with acts of kindness.  

This year I will be using a kindness calendar made especially for families with small children, and especially for those in the Greater Lansing area. Here are things that you can do WITH your kids in OUR community to make a difference this holiday season. Do an act of kindness every day, or just choose a few throughout the month. This calendar is not exhaustive, of course, and if you have any other acts of kindness, please share them!


Happy Holidays!