Mom to Mom Sale 2015

22 Jul 2015

Who doesn't love a good mom-to-mom sale?

I mean, really, it is the epitome of #mamashelpingmamas. Moms with items to sell are able to make a little extra cash, and moms with items to buy are able to get them on the cheap. 

Willow Tree Family Center's Mom-to-Mom Sale last Saturday was no different. Lots of families came and set up while the children played. Shoppers arrived early and filled their arms with goods. Completely unpredicted by any weather station, the skies opened up and released a storm just an hour into the sale.

Even among the chaos, the spirit of moms helping moms was still there! (And lots of dads helping too, thank goodness!) Some shoppers sat inside with the children while the vendors quickly got their items to safety. Most of the vendors packed up and went home at that point, although some stayed behind and were able to sell a few more items after the weather cleared a few hours later.

Despite being rained out, Willow Tree was able to earn just over $700 from the sale! 

This money is enough to sponsor two women who are working to become Certified Lactation Counselors in order to provide quality support to breastfeeding mothers. This money is enough to support 5 different group meetings in a month, which will see nearly 70 people. This money is enough to pay three months of utilities to make sure our visitors have air conditioning or heat, water, electricity, internet, and whatever else they need to make their visit more comfortable. This money will be going right back into our community.

Best of all, we had an entire room full of items left over that we were able to pass on to Hannah's House. Hannah's House will make sure these items go directly into the hands of a mom-in-need at no cost to her!

Thank you to all the vendors who showed up only to get rained out. We hope you enjoyed your morning! Thank you to all the shoppers who arrived early and made our day a success despite the unfortunate weather. And especially a huge shout out to our Willow Tree volunteers for all the planning, set up, manning the booths, and tear down: Klisti DuMonte, Margo Ryan, Annie Birney, Angie St. Amant, Nicole Greiter, Jessi Kauppi, Carrie Passariello, Samantha Hartstuff, Tiffany Burns, Lindsey LaForte, Missie Baldwin, and so many more. Willow Tree couldn't survive without you!!!

See you all next year!