Choosing Our Location

15 Sep 2013

We are so excited  to announce that we have decided on a location for Willow Tree!

This was no easy task.  Getting consensus from six board members on the very best place for our family center took time and patience.  We spent many hours visiting prospective locations, discussing pros and cons, and weighing our options.  When we finally arrived at this space, we all fell in love.  And since we received our keys, we have been working tirelessly to prepare the space for the public.

Willow Tree Family Center will be located at...

3333 S. Pennsylvania in Lansing

Why did we choose this location?

This location is ideal for us for many reasons...

  • It is right between Sparrow and McLaren Hospitals -- only about 5 minutes (2.5 miles) from either location
  • It is between Potter Park Zoo and Hawk Island, two popular family spots -- families are familiar with this area of Lansing
  • It is right off the highway, so families from outside of Lansing will have easy access
  • It is right on the busline, so families in Lansing will have that option for transportation

What is the building like?

We are located in an office building, right next to the Salvation Army Distribution Center.  When you arrive there, this is what you will see:

  • A large parking lot with ample space for people attending classes
  • Beautiful, serene woods surrounding our building -- this is the view you get outside our office windows
  • Our neighbors - We share the building with other like-minded professionals including the Care Free Medical Clinic (who provides free medical and dental care to families without insurance), the ARM Rehibilitation Center (a physical therapy center), the Mid-Michigan Massage Therapy Institute, and many more.  We are excited to work together to serve families.

What is inside the space?

Our 1500 square foot space offers everything we were hoping for...

  • A classroom space for classes and groups
  • An exam room for use by local care providers
  • A small room for intimate talks or private interviews
  • A massage room
  • A kitchen
  • An office where we will also display items for sale by local businesses
  • A resource center that includes a lending library of books and videos and a place to display services and businesses in the Greater Lansing area

What can I do to get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved with our center...

  • Are you a provider, teacher, or group leader?  You can use the space!  The space is free for other non-profit organizations or for groups who are offering a free service.  There is a small fee for classes or providers who offer services for a fee.  100% of this fee goes to helping pay the rent and keeping the doors open!
  • Even if you do not use the space, you can still display any brochures for your family-related service or business at our center.  Any type of care provider can also add themselves to our provider directory!
  • Ask your most loved care providers to add themselves to our directory so they can reach other families in our area
  • You can volunteer your time, money, and talents.  If this is something you'd like to do, please contact us
  • You can attend any of our classes or events - there is something for everyone!
  • You can sign up for our newsletter and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! Share, retweet, and forward our messages to your friends and families!

Tell me about the GRAND OPENING!

The Grand Opening will be held Sunday, September 29  3pm-6pm

This is a family-friendly event with activities for the kids, light refreshments, tours of the center, information about classes and events, and door prizes!

Please come and celebrate with us!!!


As always, we will continue to work hard to serve this community.  We could not have done all this without the support of both time and money from all of you!  Thank you for everything!!