2019 Greater Lansing Baby Fair Diamond Sponsor: Sparrow

25 Mar 2019

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience the true joys of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post care in a state-of-the-art facility where compassion and personalized care await you, count on Sparrow Hospital to deliver.

Here, you’ll find that you, your baby and your family are at the center of everything we do, and everyone on our talented team of caregivers is dedicated to making your stay a pleasant one.

We support full participation from partners. Grandparents and siblings are invited to join the celebration before and after delivery.  To make everyone feel comfortable, each room has a warm, homelike feel.

      Other features include:     

     All private labor, delivery, and recovery (LDR) rooms.

     Perinatal services by board -certified perinatologists for high-risk pregnancies.

     Top-notch, specially trained staff in our Neonatal intensive care unit for premature and critically ill newborns.

     Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education classes.

     Nurses and Lactation Consultants extensively trained in breastfeeding support and techniques.

Sparrow has nearly a quarter-million baby deliveries to our credit, so you can be assured that you’re in safe hands.  Our board-certified obstetricians and specially trained nurses are at your side to share your special day with you.  In fact, Sparrow’s nursing staff is among the best, having achieved Magnet Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Also, Sparrow Hospital is mid-Michigan’s only Baby Friendly certified Hospital.

The benefits of choosing a Baby Friendly-certified Hospital mean you’ll get the best and most compassionate care for both you and your baby.

Here are some of the things you need to know for your baby’s birth at Sparrow Hospital:

Following delivery, your baby will be placed on your chest after being dried.  We call this Skin-to-Skin Care and this will happen for all babies regardless of mom’s feeding choice, as long as you or your baby don’t require special medical attention.

Research shows that this kind of care for your baby not only promotes bonding, but also helps to stabilize your baby as he transitions from the womb to the outside world.  Babies who are skin-to-skin with parents tend to cry less, sleep better and stay warmer than they would wrapped in a blanket!

If breastfeeding is your goal, placing your baby skin-to-skin following delivery is the perfect time for the first feeding to occur, as your baby is usually alert and interested in suckling then. In fact, we encourage you to continue to provide your baby with skin-to-skin care as much as possible during your hospital stay. Dad can even do it!

If your baby doesn’t show interest in breastfeeding immediately after delivery, don’t worry.  By holding your baby skin-to-skin on your chest (and covered with blankets to keep you both warm) your baby will soon show interest in feeding.

This is why we provide our Moms and their babies with the “Sacred Hour.”  During this special time we will notenot sure I understand this separate moms, dads and babies so you can get better acquainted.  Your extended family is important, and we encourage them to anticipate holding your precious little one after you have spent the “Sacred Hour” with your baby.  After all, you may be ready for a well-deserved nap after all of your hard work.  Your family can hold and rock your baby during that time, so you and dad can get some rest.

At Sparrow, you will also be encouraged to keep your baby in your room with you at all times – we call this Rooming In.  This time spent together helps you become more comfortable in caring for your new baby. Rooming In can help your baby regulate his heart rate, body temperature and sleep cycle because he can sense you nearby.  Nurseries have lights, noise, and other distractions that can interfere with a baby’s body rhythms.  And, surprisingly, many new moms sleep better when their baby is in their room.  Staying together helps a mom get in sync with the baby’s sleep cycles.

During your stay at Sparrow, the skilled staff will be able to help you learn important skills like recognizing early hunger cues, baby care, and how to breastfeed.  By the time you leave, you can rest assured you will be comfortable at home with your new baby.  

Prior to delivery, OB/GYN Physicians provide routine care for pregnant women and new mothers.  If there are problems that make a pregnancy high-risk, the Perinatal Center can offer specialized care from Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists.  The special services available include pre-pregnancy counseling, genetic counseling, amniocentesis, extensive ultrasound, diabetes management and high-risk pregnancy care.  Women with high-risk pregnancies are treated according to individualized plans to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their infants.

In the event your baby needs individualized care following delivery, the specially trained staff at Sparrow’s Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) uses the latest technology to give even the highest risk babies the care they need.  The RNICU medical team includes Neonatologists, Neonatal Fellows, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, and specially trained respiratory therapists, lab staff and even a dietician.  This top-notch medical team extends to the constant bedside care provided by specially trained Nursing Staff, who care for your baby like one of their own.   The RNICU is there to provide special care for babies experiencing difficulty such as those born early or those who are ill and need extra care following delivery.  Even in our RNICU, our parents and families are encouraged to participate in their baby’s care, and bonding time is facilitated as the baby’s condition allows.

As your baby grows, Sparrow is there for you again as the first hospital in Mid-Michigan to offer a dedicated children’s unit.  Sparrow is also home to the region’s only full-service pediatric emergency department.  And, as the region’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Sparrow is able to provide families the most advanced technology and treatment options in pediatric and neonatal care.

The Sparrow Children’s Center is a resource for young patients and their families from throughout the entire mid-Michigan region, receiving more than 54,000 visits each year.

Sparrow is affiliated with the Michigan State University Colleges of Human Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine and Nursing, and with the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, which provides surgical services at Sparrow Children’s Center. These partnerships provide access to the latest treatment options and technology, and help Sparrow attract the finest physicians in the pediatric specialties, including the region’s only pediatric intensivists and neonatologists.

Other Sparrow Caregivers specially trained to work with young children include nurses with advanced training in pediatric care, and child life specialists who help children deal with sickness or injury through play, education and emotional support.

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience the true joys of pregnancy, labor, delivery, post care, and pediatric services in a state-of-the-art facility where compassion and personalized care await you, count of Sparrow Hospital to deliver.  We can’t wait to meet you and your baby!

For more information about our birthing and pediatric services, to get information on or schedule prenatal classes with the Expectant Parents Organization (EPO), go to Sparrow.org

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