2016 Greater Lansing Baby Fair Platinum Sponsor: Little Green Branches

17 Mar 2016

We here at Little Green Branches are excited to participate in the 2016 Greater Lansing Baby Fair as Platinum Sponsors!  We are impressed at how quickly popularity for the fair increased in the Mid-Michigan Community.  We would love to tell you a little more about our business.

Little Green Branches is a natural parenting boutique located in East Lansing across from the new Whole Foods Market.  We strive to bring quality products to the families of the Mid-Michigan area so you can have what's best for your baby, family, and community. We specialize in green products like cloth diapers, wooden and non-toxic toys, amber necklaces, reusable lunch supplies, and safe personal care products for the whole family.  We can help you find a more natural solution for every aspect of raising your children and also offer high quality, boutique brand names that will enhance your parenting journey. 

We are proud to offer a wide array of sling and carrier brands babywearing department.  This is important because it gives parents in our community a local place to see carriers in person, try them on, and most importantly, gather safety and wearing advice from our knowledgeable staff.  Little Green Branches is also a sponsor the Mid-Michigan Babywearers, a branch of Willow Tree Family Center.  The group started in October 2014 and has since grown to over 800 members!  They reach parents through multiple avenues: a Facebook group, structured classes, including Babywearing 101 taught right here at Little Green Branches, informal meetings, and play dates. They do a wonderful job of reaching as many people as possible, spreading not only love for Babywearing, but a passion for our community and relationship with one another. 

We also offer an online gift registry program so you can easily prepare for a new arrival with products you can trust in.

If you are looking for a natural way to raise your children and care for your family, look no further than Little Green Branches!

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