2016 Greater Lansing Baby Fair Diamond Sponsor: Celebration Cinema

3 Apr 2016

Celebration! Cinema is always looking for ways to participate in our community and attend events around the Lansing area. We are constantly looking for different ways to let our community know about the various movies, alternative content, and events that we bring to our theatre. We were thrilled when The Greater Lansing Baby Fair reached out to us this year to be a sponsor, as we have been working with Willow Tree Family Center for 2 years to bring baby-friendly movies onto our screens! For moms and dads who are looking for a baby-friendly movie environment, we have been arranging different shows with Willow Tree Family Center twice a month where parents can watch movies, ranging from G ratings to R ratings, in a baby-friendly environment. We turn the sound down, and the lights are up so you can look after your little one while enjoying a movie! We have also recently renovated all of our theatres with power luxury recliners! These larger, more comfortable seats are great for everyone, including pregnant women who may struggle for comfort in traditional theatre seating. If interested in attending one of these baby-friendly movie times, go to Willow Tree Family Center’s events on their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/WillowTreeFamily/?fref=ts

During the spring and fall of every year, we bring back Flick’s Family Film Festival where we show previously released movies. For these certain movies, kids 12 and under are FREE and adults are just $5! Flick’s Family Film Festival is still running until April 21stand you can find what’s playing at https://celebrationcinema.com/flicksfamilyfilmfest.

Once a month we have our “Sensory Showtimes” featuring one recently released movie on a Saturday morning where our motto is “Shhhh… Isn’t Allowed!”

Lights up! Sound down! Enjoy the BIG SCREEN experience in an accepting environment!

·         Lights will dim, but remain on.

·         Volume will be lowered.

·         Movies begin at show time with limited previews.

·         Shown in 2D with open captioning.

·         Cheering, calling out, or even strolling around the theatre is welcome!

Developed in partnership with Family Hope Foundation, Sensory Showtimes make movies extra welcoming to guests with special needs, including autism. So come relax, be yourself, and enjoy a movie at Celebration! Cinema!

For more information, go to https://celebrationcinema.com/sensoryshowtimes.

We are really looking forward to attending the Greater Lansing Baby Fair on April 16th! We will be there with a booth, some free goodies, and Flick the Movie Kid! Don’t forget to stop by and enter to win a $100 gift card to Celebration! Cinema! See you there!

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