EPO, MSU Family Resource Center and Willow Tree Family Center Present The Milky Way

14 Jul 2015

You asked for it, and we are bringing it!

In Greek Mythology, Hera’s breastmilk created the Milky Way.

In the new millennium, nursing mothers started a revolution.

EPO, The MSU Family Resource Center, and Willow Tree Family Center bring you a LARGER THAN LIFE community screening!

Following the screening will be a Q&A session

Thursday, August 6 at 6:30pm

Celebration Cinema

We must sell 52 tickets for this show to go on....


Questions? Email: support@willowtreefamily.com or call 586-806-WTFC

The Milky Way is a sensitive, informative and sometimes challenging treatment of the very personal matter of breastfeeding. Women in the United States are set up to fail and the US rates reflect it. Two accomplished lactation consultants, Jennifer Davidson and Chantal Molnar, are fired up to change the cultural and political road blocks placed in front of woman wishing to breastfeed. They are ready to fight the fight to make things right. 


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